My Summer Health Plan (2017)

Now that spring semester is over, I have more than enough free time to hit the gym! I plan on hitting it hard, and making improvements in my diet and my fitness routine. The plan is to weigh myself at the beginning of the summer, May 7, 2017, and weigh myself again on August 16, 2017, which is one week before fall semester starts. I will only weigh myself twice during this 4-month period because I like to base these sorts of things by how I feel, not by a number. Without further ado, let’s discuss the goals I have in mind.


IMG_7992For my diet, I want to focus on eating three square meals a day, and avoid snacking. There are a lot of health drawbacks to skipping meals. Things like, your metabolism slowing down or overeating because you’re starving!

I have a major problem with snacking, which is why I figure the three meals a day will help with that problem. Although snacks aren’t always bad, I’m finding myself snacking on unhealthy things, and snacking on them in large quantities. A way to help me prevent that is by eating three meals a day, and I also plan on writing down everything that I eat during the day in a food journal.

The final goal I have for my diet is to not eat out as much. I don’t want to completely cut it out because, it’s okay to go out every once in a while, but it will save my wallet and help with my diet if I cut out restaurants and fast food as much as possible.


Now comes the fun part! I really enjoy working out. It’s a stress relieving, feel good thing you can easily do in your home. You don’t have to have a gym to work out, but I have the awesome opportunity to go to a gym that’s only 5 minutes away from my house. I was going to the gym consistently for a long time, but this spring semester threw me for a loop! It’s time to get back into the habit again!

For this fitness plan, I have 6 days of workout, and one day of rest. Here is the plan that I have going for me:


  • 30 minute cardio machine routine
  • 30 minute cardio workout


  • 30 minute arm workout routine
  • 30 minutes on arm weight machines


  • 15 minute treadmill warm up
  • 15 minutes on core weigh machines
  • 30 minute core circuit


  • 15 minute cardio machine warm up
  • 30 minute leg routine
  • 15 minute on leg weight machines


  • 1 hour full body workout routine


  • Yoga

All of these routines have a warm up at the beginning, and I stretch to cool off at the end. Working out for 1 hour is the recommendation, and I tend to find myself working that long when I’ve gone to the gym in the past. I plan on heading over to the gym as soon as I’m off of work, so it forces me to drive straight to the gym rather than to my house where I can easily be side-tracked by my family.

Overall, I’m ready to go for the summer, and plan on sharing how I’m doing with my goals. I plan on seeing improvements that will make me a happier, healthier person. It’s going to be great!

After weigh-in, I am 167.9 lbs. My goal is to get to 150 lbs. over time.

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