It’s Time to Move On… Out

Life always comes at me in awkward spurts. There are times when everything is dull, boring, and mostly the same situations occur each day. This isn’t a bad thing! I am a creature of habit when it comes to daily lifestyles. When things come at me that are adventurous or exciting, I try to take them as they come. Life is full of experiences, and we need to embrace them, even if they are frustrating or boring.

For the past two years, I’ve been living in my mother and father’s house and attending college in hopes of obtaining my associates degree this next semester (Fall 2017). School is expensive, and they promised free rent as long as I attended school. Now, I’m finding myself having to wait for that degree a little longer as I have big, necessary changes ahead of me.

Let me explain a little bit, my mom and dad are very controlling. As time has gone on, their home has become less inviting for me. I no longer feel welcome there. They’re implementing rules in their home that prevent me from being an adult, and I can understand their rules. It’s their house, but they’ve come to a point where they’re trying to control me when I leave their house as well.

If I wanted to attend BYU, I would have applied and gone to college there.

My mom and dad are notorious for talking behind their kids’ backs and never actually taking any action. Lately, they’ve been whispering among themselves and telling my younger siblings that they want to kick me out just because they can. I haven’t broken any rules, they’re just sick of me doing my thing. My siblings and I both agree that I’ve done nothing wrong, and if my siblings say that, I know I’m not being rash when I become upset.

Now, I don’t take threats well. I’ve become frustrated with them to the point that I am now searching for a new job and new place to live. This puts my schooling plans on hold a bit. Although I’m going to try my best to at least finish my Associate’s degree, I know I should try and get settled down before I go barreling into the full-time, full-time scheme.

I have 12 credits of school left for my Associate’s. It’s just a matter of finding a job that has a set schedule, so that I can decide what I’m going to do. This poses another problem. Job searching is difficult! I’ve applied to 10 different jobs, and now it’s about the waiting game. My goal is to start a new job by the end of June. After that, I’ll plan for college, and move out! It’s just the waiting that wears me out.

Until I get this new job, I’ve started making necessary plans and purchases for when I move.

When I lived on my own for a year right after I graduated high school, the apartment I lived in provided the furniture (i.e. a bed, dresser, couch, table and chairs, etc.). It was like a campus dorm, but it was off-campus so it had extra perks/freedoms. I shared this apartment with five other girls (I’ll never do that again!). Because of this, I have no large furniture! The largest piece I currently own is my bed. Then, there’s a bookshelf, desk, and a giant bean bag I purchases when I was 15 that’s become my cat’s preferred place of rest.

Since I’ve decided it’s time to get out, I’ve started accumulating necessary household items. I’m serious, I have nothing. I’ve got the bathroom essentials now, and I’m getting closer to having what I need for the kitchen. Already, I have plans for the furniture I need. Where I will get them, and how much it’s going to cost me.

Adulting is expensive!!!

All-in-all, I hope to get a new job, save up, purchase the necessities, and move out towards the end of the summer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully everything will work out!

It’s a good thing it’s all happening during this time in my life. I’m starting to feel a little too bored and comfortable, and now I have something keeping me on edge. It’s stressful, but I’ll make it. I’ll keep you updated as things happen!

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