Excited for Change

In the last two weeks, I’ve placed who knows how many job applications, nervously sat around waiting for interview opportunities, and wondered if the next big step in my life was willing to present itself to me. Well, today, it did.

I received a job offer this morning, and I couldn’t help but let some tears of joy out with a little happy dance. I’ve worked so hard to make it to this point. This new job is going to help me make a huge change in my life. A change that I am ready for.

This experience of job searching went extremely well. The job I wanted the most was the first one I applied for. They called me two weeks after applying, brought me in for two interviews, of which they said I did absolutely amazing, and made me take a drug and background test immediately after. This obviously told me they were going to offer it to me, but it’s the phone call that makes it 100% official. It all happened much quicker and more efficient than I was expecting.

Now that I officially have a new job lined up, I can get serious about searching for a new place to live, and that is what makes me the most excited/nervous. Excited because I can live on my own, but nervous because I’ll be on my own. I figure that’s a rational thing to feel.

I lived outside of my parent’s house for a year right out of high school, but it didn’t go very smoothly. I was young, dumb, and unsure of who I was or what I wanted, although I would have told you the opposite. I was constantly trying to make adult decisions based off of no adult experiences without any help. A lot of bad things happened to me during that time. Two years later, I know I don’t have it all figured out, but I understand things up to this point. I feel comfortable with who I am. I am eager for this future that is up and coming.

When it comes to moving out, I’m coming to a point where all I need to worry about is purchasing the bigger furniture pieces(couch, kitchen table and chair, etc.). If I continue to be careful in my purchasing choices, I will spend way less than I had originally planned. I have a few more things I need for the kitchen, and then it will be time to get to the big stuff. Although I know that my parents will willingly give me some of their hand-me-down furniture… I’m going to have to pass. Not just because the furniture they want to give me is icky, but also because I want to be able to say that I am doing this on my own.

I’ve kept the job search on the down low for a while, but have told all my family members about the changes that are coming. They are all very excited for me which relieves a lot of the pressure. There were no questionnaires, just excitement that I am taking new steps to get out there and be an adult! High five to all the adults out there, I am really starting to feel like you guys! I’m only 21 so it’s no big deal.

My plan is to be moved out sometime during the month of August. I become more excited by the minute. Adulting is hard, but there are always moments that make you so proud of what you’ve accomplished. They make you truly feel like an adult. I’ve had some of those. I’m having one of those moments right now.

I will continue to keep you updated on what’s happening as I begin this new job, search for an apartment, move, etc. There’s lots that’s going to be happening so stayed tuned!

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