Maid of Honor To Be

My younger sister got engaged this past weekend, and a big congrats to her! We always knew she would be first, there was no doubt about it. Everything in my life is taking big crazy turns! I’m starting a new job in July, moving, going to school in the fall, and now this wedding! Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and I’m heavily involved in it. I’m going to take the engagements photos and I am my sister’s hair and makeup stylist for the big day. I’m  all over the board for this one. Most importantly, I’m going to be her maid of honor which is extremely exciting for me!

There was one point when I was hoping to be a maid of honor for my ex-best friend a couple of years ago, but notice the ex and realize that it obviously didn’t work out. Thinking about my little sister’s wedding made me think of my ex-best friend. I remember vividly how I was so ready and willing to be her maid of honor. She and I were like sisters, even mistaken for twins by some people. She wasn’t engaged at the time, but she constantly talked about how she knew she would marry this guy she was dating.

Immediately, I assumed I would be her maid of honor because, of all of her “best friends” I was number one in friendship. We were sisters according to others and ourselves. We did so much together, and went through so much together. Even though I didn’t like her boyfriend (Trust me, he is a piece of work.) I wanted to be a part of that amazing, special role for my best friend.

You can obviously imagine things didn’t go well. Our friendship started to decline, which is another story for another time(If you’re interested in reading about it, let me know.) My ex-best friend was notorious for making serious negative comments, but tried to turn them into a joke so it “wasn’t hurtful.” She always meant what she said, though, even in joking. I know this is true because she told me numerous that’s how she operates.

She consistently told me that I wasn’t going to be her maid of honor because, according to her, I was too immature to handle it. It rubbed me the wrong way because she acted as though something important and special to me was just a cute joke to throw around. I knew the role of a maid of honor. It kind of sounds funny now, but I took the thought of being in that role very seriously. It was true that during this time, I was going through a lot of personal issues, but it didn’t help that my “best friend” didn’t cared enough about my feelings to know how important that was to me.

This time around though, there’s no joking about it, my sister wants me to be her maid of honor and I am thrilled to take part in that. Nervous because it will be during a huge change in my life, but I’m also excited for all the big changes! Hopefully I won’t go crazy out of my mind with stress! I’ll keep you updated!

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