What’s New?

Life is slowly going in the direction I am pointing it towards, and I couldn’t be more excited! Things are piecing together slowly but surely. Each day I get closer to reaching most of my goals. Although school and moving into my own place still have about a while before they occur, I started my new job two weeks ago! The verdict over the last two weeks is…

I love it!

The environment is absolutely amazing! The company treats their employees extremely well. Everyone I’ve spoken or interacted with has been kind, helpful, and fun to talk to. Most people seem to genuinely enjoy the work they are doing. I am feeling motivated from the positive vibes! The first week was been a little slow. I had a three day new-employee orientation which was mostly just sitting around, listening to presentations for 8 hours each day. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly exciting either. We’ve been pretty slow recently in my department, so it has helped me to get to know my coworkers better. I also feel confident in what I’ve been trained in so far.

What else is new?

This isn’t new, but it’s an update. I posted about my health goals for the summer a couple minutes back. So far, I’ve been pretty unsuccessful, but hear me out!

There has been a long list of changes in my life. I had to cancel my gym membership and switching jobs took me out of the groove as well alongside my already busy schedule.

I’ve been working out with my mom the past couple of weeks which has been great! I also haven’t drank any pop at all this week which makes me feel good too! I’m confident that I can still make it to my goal, it’s going to take longer to get there is all.

Another item of business to update you on:


Right now, I’m waiting to get a months worth of paychecks from my new job so I can turn them in with my application. I’ve become pretty attached to a certain apartment complex, so I’m planning on going there when the time comes. I’ll definitely keep you updated on that!

It’s exciting because it’s coming down to the nitty gritty of all the changes that are occurring in my live at the moment. I even made a bigger purchase recently, a vacuum! Doesn’t that just scream adult?

I’ll keep you updated when there’s more to update you on. Until then, keep it real out there!


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