The (Shitty) End

“And they lived happily ever after. Or did they? I’m not very certain if they should because I didn’t think that far  ahead.” ~ Not a good author

The Hunger Games trilogy, the Divergent series, and the Twilight saga. Three different series. Three separate stories. One thing in common.

Shitty endings.

Lets quickly talk about why these ending were, in my opinion, a failure.

The Hunger Games which started out with two amazing books! Then, Mockingjay… It was fine, but got worse as the book progressed. The epilogue? What kind of a wrap up is that? I felt as though I was trying to read a wall. There was nothing interesting or good about it. It was boring, dragged out, and half-assed. I didn’t expect anything extravagant, but Suzanne could have pretended she was trying.

The Divergent series. The final book, Allegient is in my top five of worst books I’ve ever read all the way through. It was boring and predictable. By the time the story finished, I was disconnected from every character I loved before.

What’s that Veronica? You’re going to kill this extremely important character? Okay, that’s fine. They can die. How about everyone dies and we all go home? That would have been a much better ending.

Finally, Breaking Dawn from the Twilight saga. There’s not much to say other than this. Was it an ending or just a joke?

Reading this book was like watching the “Michael’s Tots” episode on The Office. Awkward.

Fans: Stephanie, we cannot wait for this awesome vampire and werewolf war extravaganza! That’s what you’re leading up to, right? We are so excited!

Stephanie: Lol. Jokes on you.

Stephanie definitely left me with blue balls on this one. I wouldn’t suggest this book to anyone.

These aren’t the only stories that end badly. The list continues for miles.

My verdict?

There are too many series or books out there that end poorly.

I’ve. Had. Enough.

A series starts off with a bang through the first book. Expectations are high and met with an amazing second, third, or even fourth book, only to end with such disappointment it makes your last relationship seem more fulfilling.

It feels like many successful authors weren’t expecting their stories to become so popular that by the time they reach the wrap up… they aren’t sure how to wrap up. They certainly didn’t think that far ahead.

It mostly feels like half-assed writing. As if the author gets bored by the time the story ends, so they let the loose ends fly where they may, hoping that another end will tie up to them.

As an avid reader, I see this occur too often to not let it irk me. I have to put my rant pants on and let it loose. How can you not think of the ending first? The first things I think about when I begin to brainstorm a story is: How will it start? What will the climax be? How will it end?

Trilogy or not, that absolutely has to happen! As a writer, I get that writing a good story is tricky, but without those fundamental parts put into play from the beginning, you’re putting yourself up for failure.

How do we as current or newer authors fix this problem?

It’s simple.

Make how you end your story overall a priority! Tie up any loose ends or fill any plot holes.

Triple knot that loose end! Fill the plot holes with cement!

I don’t care if you’re writing one book or twenty. If I pick up a book, read to the end, and am disappointed with the ending. I will throw your book across the room.

Remember, the ending needs to be just as good as the beginning. If it’s not, then what were you writing for in the first place?

Don’t be like these guys:

Be better than them. Make your readers feel as though they fulfilled something when they close the back cover on the last pages of your work. Don’t do it for yourself, do it for your readers. Do it for your characters. They deserve it.


What books have you read lately that had a shitty ending?

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