Slowing Down

School. Stress. Work. Stress. Sleep. Repeat.

This has been my schedule for the past few months since the fall semester began. I went into the full-time schooling and full-time job routine, and it was a lot to take on. I’m not complaining. It taught me a lot, and I have officially made it through!

The semester is ending, and with it, my stress levels are lowering. I still have a lot going on for future plans and what not, but for now, I will take a nice breather and enjoy the time I have off.

This semester was supposed to be my last before my associate’s degree, but alas, (Due to some communication problems with the school. Go figure.) I am taking one more class next semester before I obtain my degree. I definitely won’t be stressing about the class either. I made certain it was a more laid back kind of class to help me fill/finish up my remaining three credits I need.

My mind is absolutely blown thinking about all of the work I had to put in this semester. Anyone who has dealt with the full-time, full-time gig definitely knows what I am talking about. Life is already busy, then adding school on top of that makes the workload larger. Thus adding to the stress of an already stressful life. I can’t imagine having tiny human children to take care of along with a job and schooling.

I had a conversation with one of my fellow students during this semester about why making attendance mandatory for our grades is ridiculous. I go to Salt Lake Community College. My fellow student and I were talking about how we thought it was interesting how the college brags about having an extremely high percentage of students who work and go to school, but they make attendance absolutely mandatory for most grades/classes. I know at larger colleges where there are over 100 students a class attendance is not going to be graded, but at smaller colleges where attendance is what helps them make their money. It is ridiculous that schools force attendance and brag about the high percentage of working students. One of the wonders of school that I go to. Food for thought.

Aside from that, now the semester is ending, I am switching up my work schedule to work earlier in the morning, and I am ecstatic about it! I prefer waking up earlier and getting off earlier for work. I can’t wait for the new schedule change. I also can’t wait for the next steps of life that are coming my way. I have a lot to think about. Different life paths to look at and decide one to travel on.

Now that the semester if over, I’ll definitely have time to focus on my writing more and posting on the blog. Stay tuned!

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