She apologized when she cried when she was sad.

She said she was sorry when it wasn’t her fault,

and she apologized when she did something she had to do.

She apologized until the day she died.

Passing away in her pool of apologetic statements. 

Is it possible to say, “Sorry,” too much?

As I go through my day, I hear the word “sorry” more often than I feel I should. I even catch myself stating that word over and over again.


Is is being overused to the point that it is starting to become a pointless word? If you do something or say something too often, like using the phrase, “I love you,” when you don’t really mean it, it loses the gloss and meaning of what it really is.

You say sorry if you do something wrong that offends or affects someone. Telling me you’re sorry when we have to cross path in the hallway at work is not a reason to apologize to me. What is the offense of walking in walking by one another?

The truth is, we don’t feel sorry, we want to avoid conflict at all costs. Even the smallest of communication with others usually consists of this word. It’s becoming an conundrum because we don’t need to constantly apologize for living and crossing paths with others. It’s most likely because we understand how easily people find themselves offended, avoiding it seems as easy as apologizing for every little thing that we do. And I guess it can be, but the fact remains, it’s too much.

It needs to stop.

The need to say sorry for everything makes saying sorry for the important things useless.

Don’t be sorry for doing your job, asking questions like you should, and don’t apologize for living your life. It’s yours, and it’s not something to be sorry about.

Live un-apologetically. Live bravely.

And if someday you do hurt someone for a valid reason, then you can apologize, but until that happens. Don’t be sorry. Ever.

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