Author’s Note

The Legend of Zelda was something I grew up with. I loved the games, theories, and stories that came with the series. It is a work of art. There’s never been a series of games I have been more in love with. When I was a little kiddo, I made a handmade book about a character who was in love with Link in Ocarina of Time. I mean, I had a huge crush on Link when I was a kid, who didn’t? It was really bad because I was 9-years-old, but it was just the beginning of what I would eventually make.

When I was 16-years-old, I was in a car wreck that gave me a major concussion and almost took my life. For months my right brain was working over-time. During that time I created this idea. I was always in love with the Tetraforce theory, and also in love with making connections and filling “plot holes.” Because of that, I created this story about the fourth goddess and have been working on it since I was 16. I am now 22 (Talk about lengthy.)

On New Year’s Eve (2017), I made a new friend, and she inspired me to start working on this fan fiction. I’ve always been slightly nervous about sharing this idea, but I think it’s one of my best ideas that I have developed.

Over time, I have created art, connected theories, and written pages upon pages of notes. Now is a perfect time to share it with the Zelda fans. I hope you enjoy this series. It will be a long one, so please enjoy.

With love,


Introduction – The Realm of the Gods

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