Introduction – The Realm of the Gods

There’s a story, a theory some prefer to call it, that is quietly shared among Hylians every once in a while. This story is about the Triforce. Three golden triangles of infinite power blessed and given to us by the three golden goddesses themselves.

But I’m sure you’ve already heard that part of the story. There’s is another part to it. The second part of the story claims there is a piece of the Triforce missing. The space in the middle that connects the three pieces is blank where there should be another piece.

This would make the Triforce a Tetraforce and the stories of the golden goddesses that have been passed down for millennia…

Would be wrong.

Could there have, at one time, been a fourth piece? Was the fourth deity cast off? Destroyed perhaps? Or maybe the fourth member doesn’t exist at all like most believe.

Let’s go back to a time before Hyrule. Before the lands were created. Back to when Hyrule was merely a thought that had yet to be acted upon.


During a time of war among the gods, Din, Farore, and Nayru were were trudging through enemy territory, hoods covering their faces from the harsh winds that were pushing against them. The three of them found a place to hide from the storm for a time to catch their breath, “This storm is just getting worse and worse. Do you think we’re getting closer?” Nayru shouted to her sisters through the shrieking winds.

“Possibly,” Din nodded back, “You know what the enemy wants with her. Her gift controls the realm of time itself. She is the most powerful of all of us.”

Farore and Nayru stared at each other, “We should have waited with our armies,” Farore said with wide eyes.

“We will be far too late if we wait for them,” Din frowned, and trekked back into the storm, her sisters in tow.

The land of the gods used to be a beautiful place, until other gods began to fight one another for higher power. The lands were full of color and life, but thousands of years of war had ruined the landscapes, making them barren and dark.

In the realm of the gods, each god had their own special ability. Together, worlds could be created at their touch, but it wasn’t enough for some of them. For some gods, all the power in the cosmos was never enough. For Dulamah, that was what he wanted, and he created a war against his brother because of it.

Vareck, the father of Farore, Din, and Nayru, was the leader of the gods. He was wise, but sometimes he was too trusting, which led to his demise only a couple hundred years into the war. Dulamah, pretending to surrender, gained his brother’s trust back before he murdered him to gain the advantage. It is a typical war tactic, yet, it affected much in the battles to follow.

During the thousands of years that came and went, the war was destructive on both sides. In the place of Vareck, a deity named Fierce took his place at the head of the armies and was pronounced the new leader of the gods. Fierce was a methodical, but brutal man. He would strike down anything in his way.

When Fierce’s armies began to demolish Dulamah’s plan, Dulamah switched gears. He merely wanted to fight his way to victory. To win with fear. Instead, he forged a plan to kidnap a powerful god, one that could single-handedly win the war for him. If he could kidnap the right kind of god, suck the good out of their spirit, replacing it with a dark, unfeeling shell, then he could control that god to do what he wanted. That god, with no conscious or care, would destroy everything. After the god was done, Dulamah could kill that god and reign over the rubble.

Dulamah made it as far as kidnapping the specific god he wanted. This specific god, or should I say goddess, had the ability to control time. Of all the gods who had inherited this gift, she was the most powerful, and with her in Dulamah’s hands everything the gods knew could be destroyed. Her name was Loelia. She was a goddess of time.

Fierce was pulling together all the armies he had to storm Dulamah’s castle and get her back, but Din, Nayru, and Farore knew they didn’t have that amount of time. So, the three of them ran to save Loelia before it was too late.

“We have to use everything we’ve got to save her. At this point, we should just storm the castle. That’s the best option we have. There’s no more time,” Farore said as they neared the enemy lair.

“As much as I don’t want show that amount of strength… She’s right,” Din responded, “Are you both ready?”

They other two goddesses nodded slowly. Then, the three in unison headed to the castle, fighting off gods, monsters, and anyone who stood in their path. As the daughters of Vareck, they were of the more powerful kind. It was rumored that they were able to take down entire armies, this of course, was proven true as they fought their way to the throne room of their uncle, Dulamah, who greeted them with open arms as they blasted through the door.

“My favorite nieces, you’re just in time! I’ve almost completed the process. This is the perfect place to swear your allegiance to me. Give up. You know just how powerful Loelia is. When I have her in my control, you will all lose if you are against me. What do you say?”

Above the throne where he sat, Loelia was floating in the air, the light being sucked from her through Dulamah’s hands.

“She’s empty,” Nayru whispered.

Din stared intently at the floating body of Loelia. Nayru was right. Din looked to her left and right at her sisters, nodded her head sternly, then spoke, “You’re right Dulamah, you’ve won. Why do you think we’re here? To help you win. You don’t need to suck the light out of us for us to help you. We’ve realized you’re right. We’re ready to fight for you. We want to be the most feared and powerful among all the gods.”

The light from Loelia diminished into Dulamah’s hands, making the room darker, “You think I will fall for that?”

“We came here alone. Sure, we took out the entire army in this castle, but that’s just proof of our strength and value to you. If we had come here to fight against you, we would be here with an army,” Farore added.

“This is true, but aren’t you an army yourself?” Dulamah fired back.

Nayru spoke quietly as tears began to fall down her face, “We just want this to be over. Please, we’ll do anything, we will fight with you, but please don’t use our own sister to do that. We’ll help you.”

Dulamah smirked, stood from his chair, then walked forward. As he walked, light emitted from his hand, a small star in his palm. He stopped in from of the three sister’s who all seemed solemn, but certain of their decision, “You see this?” he tossed the light between his hands, “This is Loelia’s light. Your sweet sister… She… Well, she refused to help me willingly, so I will make her work for me anyway, but the three of you are free to help me. When we win, I will give her light back. Until then, I will keep it.

Dulamah whirred the ball of light in front of Din’s face. In that small moment, Farore and Nayru kicked the god’s legs from out from under him. Before he could catch himself, Din grabbed the ball of light. Farore pulled out her spear, attacking Dulamah as Nayru ran for Loelia.

After gaining balance, Dulamah grabbed at Farore’s spear as it hurtled towards him. With his left hand, he pulled the spear, and Farore toward him. The goddess used the momentum to flip herself over her uncle’s head, using the end of the spear to cut into his leg. Dulamah winced, but it was nothing more than a scratch to him. With a quick turn of the heel, he flipped floor tiles into the air, tossing them at Farore while he faced Nayru who was pulling Loelia to the floor, “You think you can beat me using a couple of tricks I’ve already used?” Dulamah cackled, “This simply can’t be the best you can do.” Dulamah reached his hand out as a darkness seeped from it, covering Loelia who was now in Nayru’s arms.

Nayru felt Loelia’s cold body become warmer. Her eyes widened in fear, “Din!”

Din, holding the light, unsheathed her sword, curved and gleaming in the darkness, “Fight Dulamah! I’ll take care of Loelia!”

Nayru, nodded her head, placed Loelia on the floor, wielded her chakrams, then charged Dulamah with a shout. After she pounced, Din ran to Loelia who was now standing with a smirk. Without a word, Loelia looked at Din, “Loelia? It’s me, Din? Talk to me”

Without a word, Loelia began to move her arms to use her powers, but was stopped by Din who had to continuously slash at her sister to prevent from using her gift to destroy them all. In the large throne room, metal clashed, sparks flew, and the largest battle in the war began to take full force.

It has been said the battle between the five gods was so powerful, other worlds were able to see its glare, even during the day.

When the battle began to slow, Dulamah realized he was losing. Nayru’s and Farore’s power were much greater than he had anticipated, and without his army, he could not fight them off. Knowing this, he decided to flee and leave his dark creation, Loelia, in the mist of the battle.

“We can’t let him get away!” Farore yelled.

“Let him go,” Nayru said, “He’s powerless now. His has nothing left but himself for the time being. Loelia’s life is more important than that. If we don’t stop her, we will all die.”

Farore nodded in agreement, then followed in suit to attack Loelia.

“Ready?” Din said, breathing heavy. With one hand holding Loelia’s light and the other hand being used to fight and continuously attack Loelia, Din was slowing down. If Loelia had a chance to unleash her power, she could completely stop time and destroy them all.

“NOW!” the shout filled the sky as, one at a time, the sister’s unleashed their gifts.  Using all of the strength they could muster, they trapped Loelia in the chamber, where she could not escape.

Breathing heavy, the light faded from their hands as they each toppled to the floor. When they awoke again, Fierce’s army had come to the castle and filled the throne room. After taking some time to calm down, the three goddesses and Fierce stood near the golden rock which held Loelia inside.

“She’s has no light within her anymore,” Farore said sadly.

“What are we going to do with her now?” Nayru cried, pressing her face into, Din, her older sister’s, shoulder.

“Well, we don’t have much time to figure it out,” Fierce said sternly, “Dulamah got away and he’s most likely heading to his next base which will have another large army. This war is far from over. We’ve only just started to dwindle down his numbers. We need the three of you to fight.”

“The four of us, you mean,” Nayru said, motioning to Loelia.

Fierce sighed, “Three. There are only two people who can return the light back to her. Loelia herself and the man you let run off.”

“So, that’s what we do,” Din said. Curious stares came from the other members of the conversation, “We make her fix herself.”

Din held out the light once more, “Remember how we all wanted to create a world once? The four of us together?” Farore and Nayru nodded, “We can still do that. If we take away Loelia’s time gift, we can give it to her light force and make it into a creation of our choice. We take this part of her and make a new person out of her. We create a world, place her on it. With her gift, the land will move and grow.”

“What about Loelia here?” Fierce asked, “She won’t stay in this state forever.”

“I know,” Din continued, “We place Din within the middle of the world. We need to finish this war. Even if we catch Dulamah, he won’t return her light. She’ll have to do it herself. We create the world, let her light make it run. When the time is right, Loelia will escape. By that time, her light and the world we create with our gifts will be strong and ready to fight her. When both the light side and dark side of her die in that world, she will be able to return to us. That is what we will do.”

The four of them sat in silence until Nayru spoke, “That’s the best idea we have. It will work. She will be gone for a long time, but we have to keep fighting. It’s the only thing we can do right now. She’s our sister, and your wife,” she turned to Fierce who was now holding back tears.

“You’re right,” Fierce said after a while, “There’s nothing else we can do. She’ll have the memories and the gift of time. That should be enough. I’ll even take a part of my light, create a partner for her, and send it down with her for a time until she is able to adjust to the world. Fair enough?”

They were all in agreement, and so the world, in which Hyrule would rise, was born. The world was created and all things within it. Of course, they had to give the new Loelia a story. Once they were done with that, they blessed the world with their gifts, and the new Loelia did as well. They created the Tetraforce, but they all knew they couldn’t let the people and creatures they had created get a hold of the fourth piece.

“Although the pieces hold infinite power, your piece, the time piece, would make the people too powerful. Time control it too much for mortals to wield,” Farore stated, “We have to keep this piece hidden. We are trusting you to do that.”

The light-guided Loelia nodded, “I will take care of it.”

Once they had finished their pieces of the world, the three goddesses left with tears in their eyes, and a promise that if she needed anything, the demi-god Loelia could call upon them and they would do their best to help.

In the middle of the world, Loelia’s goddess form fought towards escaping from the prison her sisters created. No one knew how long it would take, but it was certain to be long enough that the war among the gods would end.

After the goddesses were gone, Loelia began her story. A new beginning. A new name.


The goddess of time.


Now you know the story, you should know that the reason I know the story so well is because I lived through it.

I’m Aveleen.

I’ve lived since the world was born because I helped create it and got it moving. I’ve seen every hero and princess of importance. I lead them through to their destinies until the day Loelia comes back, and I will lead them through that as well. It is my job.

I don’t always enjoy it. It’s painful, confusing, and difficult, but this world I helped to create with Din, Farore, and Nayru is what will save the goddess Loelia. I’ve made my own story here.

And now, I’d like to share it with you. After all, someone needs to hear it before I finally get to leave this world. It may fade away, but at least I know someone has heard it.

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