Termina: Part 1 – From the Sky

You start to think about the same things repeatedly when you know you’re going to be around for longer than you can count. Obsessing over the same thought helps you to not run out of thoughts as quickly. In this particular moment, I’m thinking about how the waves are rolling across the beach on the Great Bay. How they rise and fall like a heavy sigh. It’s as though the water wants to say something, but is hesitant to whisper its secrets to me.

“You’re making that face again.”

I’m pulled out of my thoughts by a voice and turn to see Termina smiling at me. It’s a face that will linger in my mind with guilt for years afterwards. She’s extremely beautiful. Her short hair frames her small face. Her yellow eyes squint as she smiles with long lashes that frame the moon of her irises.

“What face is that?” I reply turning to look at the waves once more.

“You make that face when you’re thinking about the future,” Termina says as she stands next to me, “When you’re obsessing on a thought so that you don’t have to think about it as much.”

I stare at her for a moment before she nudges me with her elbow, “Come on Aveleen, we’ve been friends since everything was created. After all this time, I think I know you.”

“You do know me well. Suspiciously well. Almost better than Fierce and he knew me before this world was even created.”

“Ha, very funny. You’re not Loelia though. You may be created out of her light, but you are a different person. He thinks he knows you. He doesn’t know you as well as he believes. Which is how men are, I’ve found. My husband is a perfect example.”

Oslac, Termina’s husband, was the leader of Clock Town. He was tall and strong. From the water of the Great Bay to the top of Snowhead mountain, he was known as the best fighter in all the land. Termina, using her magical gifts she had inherited through being a Sheikah was cunning and quick. The two of them together were an incredibly capable pair. They could protect this land without Fierce and I looming over their shoulders. Yet, we stayed here to protect everyone. It was the greatest annoyance Oslac had with Fierce and myself.

“Speaking of Fierce, how is he?” Termina inquired, “He’s been out and about a lot. Do you know what he’s doing?”

I shake my head, “I mean, I know what he’s doing… I’m not allowed to talk about it.”

Fierce had been tasked with breaking apart the fourth piece of the Tetraforce, my piece, and scattering it across the world. Originally, I was supposed to do it myself. The gods changed their minds. They didn’t want me to have a chance to obtain it for myself. I was not allowed to find it because I would be much too powerful with it, and people would become far too greedy for the power of the completed Tetraforce. Which is why no one talked about it. The people in the land had heard rumor of its existence, but had never delved in deep enough to understand what it truly meant. They were satisfied with the thought that a long list of capable warriors and the gods would protect them.

Termina smiled, “Fair enough… You know. Fierce does understand your powers better than anyone else does. You inherited them directly from his wife.”

“That’s true.”

“I’m secretly jealous,” Termina said, digging her boot into the sand, “Being able to see and create all the events to come. That’s a heavy burden to bear, but… I think it’s beautiful.”

I turned to look at her, “I wish I felt that way. I just… Don’t like the thought of consistently losing everyone I love. Is it worth it to forge friendships and relationships with people when they’ll disappear anyway?”

“That’s the beauty of it though,” Termina picked up a star fish that had floated to shore, “You get to meet generations upon generations of people. You get to watch evolution occur. See people come together. You will be in the midst of it all. You are writing history with your own two hands. I’m pretty certain everyone would love to have that chance.”

“I always remember, at the end of it all,” I reply with a sigh, “I’m just waiting around to be killed.”

Termina pursed her lips. Conversations about the future usually ended like this. I would prefer to talk about anything except that. I didn’t like to think about it either although it flooded my thoughts anyway, “You’ll learn to love it eventually,” she said and sad down gently laying the starfish in the water as it rose to the shore.

I plopped down in the sand next to her and we sat in silence for a while, the starfish eventually disappearing back into deeper waters. In the distance, Zoras were jumping up and down through the waves in excitement, the sun gleaming on their skin.

As the sun was just beginning to fall there was a sudden darkness that came over us. The light dimmed for a moment followed by a booming sound and a dark streak that flew above the sun in a purple and black shower of fire. It disappeared into the Lost Woods.

Termina and I immediately jumped from the ground and ran towards Clock Town. When we got there, a crowd of people had already gathered and were talking among themselves about what they had seen. Some of the people turned to looked at us with inquiring stares quickly realizing we, too, didn’t understand what had happened.

We met Fierce and Oslac in the clock tower, “You saw what we saw, right?” Termina said as we entered the doors.

“Definitely,” Fierce said, his white eyes flickered with worry, “I’m not sure what it was. I have this feeling it can’t be good. It fell into the woods. Aveleen and I are going in there to find it and figure out what it is.”

Fierce motioned to me to follow, “We’ll be back,” I say to Termina and Oslac, “If anyone asks, tell them we’re going to investigate. That should tide them from their worry for now.”

Taking our horses, we rode to Woodfall where the entrance of the Lost Woods could be found, “What do you think it is?” I questioned.

“If you think I know, you’re wrong. I have no idea.”

“And the goddesses haven’t sent you any word about something going on?”

“As I said, I have no idea… Once we go in the woods, you know that the Dark Tribe is in there. If they’ve found whatever that was first, you know they’re already messing with it. We have to be ready for that.”

I nodded as we came upon the entrance of the woods. Trees were woven together forming a tunnel to the entrance of a maze-like forest.

The Lost Woods are a dangerous place for those who do not understand how it works. It was made by the Dark Tribe to trick people into keeping them away. Any traveler who had ever dared to wander inside of those woods would eventually never come back out.  The Dark Tribe didn’t like to be bothered, but they had a hunger for power. Fierce and I always had to keep a close eye on them.

In the forest, you were meant to get lost unless you knew the path. One way in, one way out. For Fierce and myself, we didn’t have to worry because we were more powerful than their small tricks. They respected us for that.

When we came to the clearing of the cult, a fire was roaring. The people were on their knees bowing and uttering ritualistic nonsense in unison. In front of the fire, their leader, Katalla was holding a heart shaped mask in his hands. The mask had spikes on the top with some on the bottom. Bright colors were painted on it with piercing yellow and green eyes. It was as if they were looking at me…

“We have guests,” Katalla said as he lowered the mask. The people turned to stare at us, “Come,” he motioned, “see our new god who has come to us to give us the power we have been searching for.”

The Dark tribe ushered us into their leader’s tent. The air felt heavier than it normally did. Fierce and I exchanged looks as we sat cross legged with the leader of the tribe. The blue markings on his skin glowed under the dim light of the lanterns as he held the mask near him proudly like it was a small child. With a wide smile, Katalla waited until his people left the tent before he spoke, “Let’s cut to the chase, you are here because you saw the star. This,” he held up the mask, “is the star. His name is Majora and we are going to bring him to life in this world. He has promised to lead us to success. Our prayers to the gods have been answered.”

Majora? I didn’t recognize the name.

Slowly, Fierce turned his head to look at me, he spoke to Katalla without breaking away from my gaze, “Majora, huh? I’m sorry. You can’t keep that. He’s definitely not here to be your god.”

The air became even heavier as he spoke.

Did Majora come from the Realm of the Gods? I was going to have to follow Fierce’s lead and try to understand as I went. His pupil-less eyes tore away from me as he stood, “This mask is dangerous. It’s something you don’t understand. You can either give it to us easily or we are going to have to force it from you. Either way, you cannot keep this.”

“NO!” Katalla yelled, his voice a ragged squeal, “We found this first! We earned this! He has already shown us what we are capable of! He promised me power when I put this mask on. Let’s find out what he meant by that, shall we?”

With that, Katalla forced the mask onto his face. We wielded our weapons and stood back, waiting for what was to come. The ground shook, the tent was flown into the air, and Katalla’s laugh pierced our ears with a painful noise that didn’t sound human anymore. A voice, one that wasn’t Katalla’s, spoke to me, “So, you’re Aveleen? Interesting.”

It was the mask that was speaking to me. The voice was laced with multiple voices, all in different pitches, “Aveleen,” I heard Fierce say. It was as though he was speaking to me from a distance, “Is he talking to you?”

The world seemed to move in slow motion as Fierce grabbed my shoulder. I could barely feel it.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” the mask said, “I’m Majora.”

Fierce continued to speak and shake me, “Don’t listen to what he says!”

I can’t concentrate on the voice of Majora. I close my eyes. I have to listen to what he says, what does this Majora want from me?

I concentrate and feel the world fall to stillness around me. I stop time and keep Katalla wearing the mask in action along with me.

“Marjora?” I ask, “Am I supposed to know you? You’re not coming up in any memories of Loelia’s that I can find.”

Even though it’s a mask, I can feel a smile crawl across the voice, “That’s all right, I’m certain you don’t know me. I’m here to kill you. Hmmm… But I kind of like you. I appreciate that you allowed yourself to become fully engaged in this conversation. Fierce is quite pushy.

“Any who, I want to make a deal with you. I can feel what you feel. You are upset. Upset because you are being used by the gods, and… You don’t want to lose all those you care about to time. What a sad existence. You know… I could help you.”

The eyes burned brightly into mine. They felt like they were searing into the back of my skull. A deal? He continues, “If you wear me, you could make this world exactly as you want. You could save anyone you want. Keep them alive forever. With me, fate would have no control over you.”

I turn to Fierce, his hand frozen on my shoulder, “It’s difficult,” Majora kept speaking, “to want to take the deal. Hear me out. You will lose everything if you don’t take this deal. You’ll lose everything over and over again. You know this. I know this. You can prevent that by wearing this mask that contains my soul and I’ll help you.”

For some reason, I’m lulling over the possibility of wearing the mask. Everything Majora says is true. It’s dangerous. It’s also true. I am close to many who I don’t want to watch wander into the darkness of time as it goes by.

I stop. This is ridiculous. When I speak, my voice sounds like I’m talking under water, “You’re offer is, interesting. Intriguing even. I hate my fate, but I’m not the only person in the world. I’ll save more than I’ll lose. That’s fine with me. I decline your offer.”

“Fair enough,” Majora said, “Then I’ll make certain you lose everything you care about before I destroy you.”

I don’t react. I blink and make time move back into motion. Before I have a chance to do anything else, Fierce sliced his sword through the neck of Katalla. The next moment, Katalla’s head is on the ground, and the world is silent, like time is still on hold.

Fierce picked the mask up from Katalla’s severed head, “What have you done?!?!” a dark tribe member yelled, “Our leader! You murdered him!”

I intervened, “This power you have is dangerous. It could destroy us all. You were going to allow it to come into the world to do so. You’re fools. Your leader is dead now because of it.”

“You will be too,” the usurper tribe member said, her voice wavering, “I will destroy you myself.”

I ignored her, “You have three days to leave this place. This is final. I know it spoke to all of you. You knew what it wanted. You want to destroy all of us. You want rule over what is left. It could give you that. You are not welcome in this land anymore. You will leave. If you don’t leave. I will kill all of you myself.”

The tribe quietly looked to the woman who had spoken. She nodded her head, “Fine.”

Fierce and I left the tribe behind in the forest, “What did it say to you?” Fierce asked as soon as the tribe was out of sight, “I know you activated your powers to talk to him. Why would you do that? Did you make a deal?”

Instead of answering, I simply ignored him.

“Aveleen? Do not tell me you made a deal with him! What did you do?” he grabbed my shoulders in his hands and shook me, “Answer my question!”

I pushed him away from me and kicked him to the ground. Before he lifted himself up, the tip of my sword was at his throat, “We’re both still here, aren’t we?” I said angrily, “If I wanted to rule you all and take over. I could do it. If I wanted all of you dead. I could do it. Without his help. Does that answer your questions? I don’t understand why it’s so hard for you to trust me. Why is it that way?”

I sheathed my sword and we walked back to our horses without another word. We rode to Clock Town in silence as well. Once we met back up with Oslac and Termina in the clock tower I demanded, “We need to call a meeting with the council, right away. That includes the giants.”

“Aveleen, what was it? What happened out there?” Termina said.

“This is what we found,” Fierce pulled the mask off his belt, “It’s Majora. A god from our realm. He’s the god of mischief and trickery. He’s here to kill all of us. He’ll speak to each of you. Ignore whatever he says. Any deal he tries to make with you will only end in death and destruction.”

“Why do we need to pull the council, and the giants, in for a meeting? We should just destroy this thing,” Oslac’s voice was laced with concern.

“It’s not that simple,” Fierce said, glaring at me, “We can’t just destroy it. It can’t be burned or broken. It’s a mask with a god inside of it. I don’t know how it got here. The war must not be going well up there if another god has broken into our realm. The longer he’s here, the stronger he’ll become. To answer your question, I don’t know how to destroy the mask at this point. We can’t.”

“Fair enough,” Oslac said, his dark hair falling into his eyes, “I’ll get everyone together for a meeting. We’ll meet back here to head to the Giant’s realm. It shouldn’t take too long.”

With that, we separated. Oslac went to round up the council, Fierce stayed in the tower to keep an eye on the mask while Termina and myself went to talk. I needed fresh air after spending so much time in the tension that was hanging between Fierce and I.

“What’s going on?” Termina asked, “Fierce seemed pretty angry with you. Did something happen out there?”

“The mask spoke to me. Fierce though I made a deal with him. I didn’t. He kept asking questions. He doesn’t trust me. I don’t like it. I put my sword to his throat. That’s all. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“Well, I do,” Termina said, “There’s a real threat in our land right now. Fierce said it can’t be destroyed right? We have to figure out what to do with it. If you and Fierce aren’t getting along, things could go badly for us. I don’t want to die because you two couldn’t pull it together.”

Termina never spoke sternly unless she meant it, “I’m sorry,” she retreated, “I just… This is serious. I know you two have a hard time agreeing and trusting each other. You absolutely must learn to right away. It could mean all of us living or dying. You are the most powerful beings in the land. If you don’t work together, you’ll fail. Go talk to him. I’ll help Oslac gather everyone else together. Figure it out… Please.”

Termina hugged me tightly before running off. I was left in the middle of one of Clock Town’s alleys to think about what she had said. She was right, like she normally is. Even though I didn’t want to at this moment, I had to make amends with Fierce.

In the clock tower, Fierce was intently staring at the mask. He didn’t turn when I came in, “Don’t say you’re sorry. I don’t care.”

“Actually, I am in here to apologize. Whether or not you care to accept it is your problem.”

Fierce looked up from the mask, “You put a sword to my throat.”

“Why would I risk putting all of us in danger, Fierce? I’m already a danger, especially if I had dark intentions. I don’t. I’m made out of light, remember?

“I hate what I have been made to be here for. It’s not an amazing experience like some believe it could be. I don’t think it is. Fierce…” I sit next to the mask on the table, “I’m not your wife. I’m made from her light. I’m not her. I know who she is only from her memories. I know who you are. You’re stubborn. You are also surprisingly kind. It’s why she loves you. Still, I’m not her. You have to learn to understand that.”

The cogs in the clock tower turning and creaking as time ticked by was the only noise for a while until Fierce spoke, “I know.”

His shoulders sagged, “You’re definitely not Loelia. I’m sorry for always pushing that on you. It’s hard because, in the end, I can’t save her. I can’t save you either. Soon enough, my time here will come to an end and you’ll be alone. You’ll die at her hands and no one will stop her. No one can. She can’t be saved except by herself unintentionally… It… It was the only idea we had. I’m sorry we did this to you. I never imagined how hard it could be. Because you aren’t really her.

“The difference between you and I is that I made this version of me. So, I’m still the same. We made you from parts of Loelia. You are different. I know. I’m sorry.”

When our eyes connected, I could feel a mutual understanding between us, “That only took us 1,000 years to figure out,” I laughed and shrugged my shoulders, “What are we going to do with Majora?”

“I don’t know. The only way to fight or defeat him is if he changes shape in this world. I just… We don’t want that happening. Too many horrible things could happen if he starts taking a form in this world. As long as no one wears the mask it should be fine. If someone puts the mask on you can’t take it off unless the wearer dies. If someone is wearing it he can become powerful enough he doesn’t need the host anymore. Majora will feed off the fear, doubt, and wishes of the people. That’s what makes him stronger if someone is wearing him.”

Oslac and Termina entered the room. Oslac nodded his head, “They’re all ready to go. Just waiting for the four of us so we can go to the realm.”

“I’ll send us there,” I said. I pointed my finger to the wall on my right where a portal appeared, “Have them come in.”

One-by-one, each leader of the land walked through the portal into the giant’s realm until we were all standing together, Fierce holding the mask close to him.

Igos du Ikana immediately spoke first, “This is the star that fell? Doesn’t look very star-ish to me,” he laughed. Odolwa, the prince of the forest, protector of the Deku tribe, laughed with him.

Kliendo, the Gerudo leader scoffed, “We’re not here to crack jokes. If we’re all here, and the giant are here as well. This must be important. Talk.”

With that, Fierce and I explained the situation. All the leaders nodded their heads after getting the story.

“This thing will probably talk to us and tell us he can make our wishes come true,” Zeeto, the Zora leader talked next, “As long as we ignore him. We’ll all be fine. We should lock it away. The only question is, where?”

“That’s the problem,” I sighed, “We need to put it where no one will have the chance to find it. We don’t know where that will be yet. Until then, we need you to watch over your people in case Majora starts trying to talk to lower powers. If anyone wears this mask we’re in trouble.”

Fierce chimed in, “We could build a new, smaller realm. To build a new realm to put this in will take a lot of power. We’ll need multiple people to do it. Until we decide how we can do that… Just act like everything is all right. Something fell from the sky. It was nothing. That’s what we tell our people. Fair enough? If we need you for any reason, we’ll let you know.”

Each of the leaders nodded in unison which ended the meeting.

After everyone had exited the giant’s realm, Fin, the second in command of the Shiekah tribe stopped me, “He spoke to me in there,” Fin said, “I ignored him, of course. I can guarantee at one point or another, Majora spoke to everyone in that room. Don’t trust anyone.”

“I don’t intend to.

(To be continued…)

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