Termina – End

Fierce ran up to me with a frantic tone to his voice, “Why is time frozen? What is going on? We have to stop Majora! What are you doing?”

“I can’t save her,” I said. I was sitting on the ground, staring at the fighting individuals stopped in space. My hands were over my knees. My eyes were puffy from tears. I was in pain. I hadn’t rested in who knows how long.

“If I save her in this moment. Majora kills her later in the battle after you arrive. If we manage to win, she dies from sickness later,” I push out a chuckle, “If I take her with me to see Odolwa, she dies anyway. I tried to even stop Oslac from putting mask on at one point. It didn’t work.

“One-hundred and eight times. I’ve tried to save her one-hundred and eight times. Nothing works. She dies every time. This is the original way she dies. I’ve never lived through it. I guess I have no choice except to go through with this one.”

Fierce kneeled down and wrapped his arms around me, “You can’t fight fate. That’s the one thing you can’t do. Fate is more powerful than any of us. No one can control that. Not even the gods.”

I looked at him, his empty eyes stared into mine. He embraced me in the empty time space, “I’m sorry.”

There was an understanding between us in the moment that didn’t exist in a timeline. A time of stillness only we would remember, “You would think,” I say, “It would get easier after seeing her die so many times, so many ways, but this is the last time. This is the time I will tell her good-bye… I’m going to send us back now. This has to happen sooner or later.”

I stand up, move time backwards then stop it again. I squeeze my eyes shut.

This is the moment, the moment when Termina dies. I greet it with a broken heart.

I relive her being stabbed again. Falling to the ground in a clump. Majora jumping away.

I run to Termina’s side. Scooping her up in my arms, I try my best to be strong although it doesn’t work, “Termina,” I whisper into her hair, tears streaming like a waterfall.

“You have to stop him,” Termina says, blood falls from the sides of her mouth, “Kill him. Everyone will die.”

“I tried,” I falter as I speak, “I tried to save you. I’m sorry.”

Termina shushed me, “I don’t care,” she sucked in a sharp breath, “Promise me something.”


“Live. Do it for me? Find people. Love them. Protect them. You’re a goddess. You’re my best friend. Please.”

Termina’s body shakes in my arms, “I promise,” I murmur again and again as her body goes from shaking to stillness. I clutch her in my arms as tight as I can. There’s a scream in my throat that rips out. It happens without a thought. A scream I’ve heard myself make many times for Termina. Thunder sounded as powerful as my yell to the sky as it began to rain. Pouring in sheets.

All this pain I’ve felt. I’ve watched her die so much. This is one feeling that never goes away. It’s always the same.

I can’t let her go. I memorize her face. The Sheikah markings under her eyes in blue, green, and red. I remember the weight of her body in my arms. I would never forget her or the moments we shared from the beginning of time. What if I let her go and forgot them?

There was a feeling that sparked in me then. One I hadn’t felt yet. Anger.

Majora. Oslac. They did this.

I placed Termina on the ground gently and turned to see Majora standing behind me, “Look at what you did,” I spoke to Oslac, “Is this what you wanted? She’s dead now! Look at what you’ve done. This is your fault. Majora may be possessing you, but it’s your fault! All of this started because of you.”

The mask twitched. I didn’t have my sword with me. I needed to find it. It had shot away when I hit the barrier. I needed a weapon. I summoned my bow and arrow, aiming it at Oslac’s chest.

Fierce rushed into the square shouting, “Enough Oslac! You’ve killed your wife. She’s dead. Don’t make us kill you. You can make this right.”

“Oslac is gone,” Majora laughed, “All that is left is me. This should be fun! A battle that will never be forgotten. At least for me. I’ll remember this forever.”

I released my arrow towards Majora who slapps it away with the flick of a tentacle. He levitated off the ground with Fierce and I at his heels.

Thunder and lightening sounded around us in unison with my anger. I retrieved my sword, and together, we fought against Majora.

There was no more time for playing games or wondering what fate Oslac would have to be handed. He had to die in order for Majora to be stopped. We cut down the tentacles until Fierce was able to grab Oslac. He pulled him downward toward the ground. While he did that, I realized my only chance could be now. I used the wall of the clock tower to run and jump high above them. As I came down, I ran my sword through Oslac’s neck. With a sickening thud, his head fell to the ground. The mask still attached.

Fierce fell to his knees, lifting the decapitated head from the ground. He gently pulled the mask from Oslac’s lifeless face.

Holding the mask in his hands, he looked at me sadly.

The moment was brief because the ground began shaking. Then, a laugh tore through us.

Majora’s laugh.

“It’s amazing. You think this is over now don’t you?” the mask shook in Fierce’s hands, “I have enough power to take a form in this world now. So, let’s play a game. One final game. Good guys vs. bad guys. I’ll let you decide which one is which after this is over.”

A slicing noise rang out and Fierce caught his breath. The mask had grown tentacles again stabbing Fierce in multiple places. I couldn’t move. Everything was happening so quickly. I was stuck in place. The mask threw Fierce across the square.

In blinding light, Majora changed forms. What was the mask was now a breast-plate for an armored beast with long whips for arms. A face with a sharp toothed mouth grinned at me.

I came to my senses, pulled up my sword and charged him. He easily swiped my sword away as I swung with no other goal in mind aside from killing. There was no tactic, only the motion of the sword in my hands.

If there was ever a time in my existence where I felt like I had no control over anything. This was the time. I had no control over myself. There was an emptiness inside of me which was now filled with an overwhelming sense of hatred. This is my world. I have to live in this. I have to live with this. My fate is already set. I won’t be able to lose this battle. Fierce said it himself. Fate is more powerful than all of us.

In the blur of the rain, the fire, and the electricity surging between us, Fierce managed to raise himself from the ground. I heard his voice clearly through the storm, “This ends now.”

Majora turned to Fierce with a grin. I took the moment to breathe.

“I’m finished with your game. There’s much more to happen in this world. I want to fight you again. Let’s strike a deal. I’m going to seal you away for now. Eventually, we’ll fight again, but for now… this ends!”

Another flash. A flash of darkness. The world was there. Then it was gone. The rain continued as I saw Majora and Fierce lying on the ground. They were both gravely injured. Their life forces fading.

Purple and black smoke wafted around us. Fierce used his powers to stop Majora. It was too much for a mortal form to handle. I pulled Fierce into my arms, another lump rising in my throat. I was going to lose him too.

“Aveleen. We’re both hurt. You used the song. From Igos. To heal Odolwa. Use it on us. Majora isn’t ready to be destroyed yet. You won’t be able to defeat him by yourself. The world isn’t powerful enough to do it yet. Seal us away and wait. Fate will do the rest,” Fierce breathed in and out slowly. The injuries from Majora weren’t healing. Perhaps it was because only a god could truly hurt another god.

“Fierce… Okay,” I quietly said. My voice shaking, I hummed the song again. Bands of color surrounded us.

I remember when Majora told me he would destroy everything I loved. If he could keep his promises. I would keep mine.


Years later, I would stay around to rebuild what had been destroyed by Majora. Things were never the same in the land. Everyone remembered that night. The night Termina, Fierce, and Oslac lost their lives. The people whispered among themselves. If Majora came from the gods, why didn’t the Goddesses themselves come to help them, help us, in such a dire situation?

I walked through the Lost Woods. One final time. This was where it all began. The council and I planned on sealing the masks, Marjora’s and Fierce’s, away. Together, I worked with the council to take measures to protect the people if Majora ever found his way back.

After walking through the woods, I returned to Clock Town where I spoke to the people one more time. I couldn’t stay here. I needed to find a new land, “I’ll always be with you,” I explained to them, “If you pray, I’ll hear you. The giants will always protect you as well. I may come back some day. Until then, know you are safe in their hands.”

I stared at the crowd that was watching me with new hope, “This land, it needs a name,” I forced a smile, “I name it Termina, in the name of the woman who fought to save us and gave her life for the land she loved. Naming this land Termina guarantees that even if her story fades, she will not.

“I am going to leave now. I am taking the Shiekah tribe with me, and anyone else who has decided to make this journey with me to find new lands. Thank you.”

As I followed behind the small group of people heading into the unknown, I remembered the promise I made to Termina. In her dying breath she asked to live.

It’s not an easy mountain to climb. I lost everything.

I know I’ll be back when Majora rises again.

And while some people live to learn. I learn to live.

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