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Born in 1995, Katrena Winder (Kat) is part of the millennial generation. Katrena has lived in Utah her entire life, and was raised in desolate Rich County where she lived in a town with a population of under 500 people. When she was 16, she moved to West Jordan where she currently lives and goes to school at Salt Lake Community College, where she will obtain her Associate’s degree at the end of the year.

IMG_8539While she lives in her parent’s basement, she raises one cat, Shasta Mcnasta, and 4 parakeets: Milo, Bo, Lilo, and Stitch. She finds herself falling in love with plants and animals more every day, and loves the outdoors even though her pale skin doesn’t prove that point.

Kat thrives on artistic outlets, and is pursuing her degree/career in English with an emphasis in creative writing to make novels in the future. She also loves playing video games, reading novels and manga, playing piano, singing, watching TV, and sleeping, to name a few things.

Overall, Kat loves to be herself, which is a blonde, quirky, artsy millennial hippie piece of trash. She, like everyone else, has her issues, but finds that by doing her own thing, and not what everyone else wants her to do, her smile is actually realistic.

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