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Born in 1995, Katrena (Kat), is a millennial. She has been born and raised in Utah her entire life. For most of her life, she was raised in a desolate town in Rich County where there were less than 500 people. At 16 years-old, her family packed up and moved to West Jordan, Utah, where she has lived the rest of her high school and most of her short adult life.chicka

Katrena aspires to one day make her creative outlets her career. Specifically, writing. Writing has always been a huge part of Kat’s life, and is what she is currently studying to obtain a degree in.

Other than writing, Kat also enjoys raising her cat, Shasta. As well as watching anything that’s entertaining, reading anything she can get her hands on, and gaming. When she isn’t working and going to school, she spends copious amount of time with her significant other, Nate.


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