Dear reader,

The most successful I ever was when trying to write in a personal journal was when I was a Junior in high school. I wrote everyday for about three months. Impressive, right?

Well, a blog is like an online journal where anyone can see what you’ve written. I’ve created at least five separate blogs throughout my life, and none of them have lasted very long. As you can tell, a blog and a personal journal go hand in hand for me, but I have so much to say. So, I’m going to try again, after all, I am a woman, and I am a millennial. (Please don’t be offended, that was a joke.)

I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog. Feel free to leave comments, advice, and follow along with this trashy hippie millennial. Trust me, I didn’t choose the millennial life, my parents did.

With love (the blogger),

Katrena Winder

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