To Catch You Up…

If there was a time in life when everything was crazy but heading in the right direction. Right now is that time. It's an opportune time for learning. I moved out on my own. My own apartment. It still feels surreal, except for the moments when I have to pay my bills. That holds a... Continue Reading →

Slowing Down

School. Stress. Work. Stress. Sleep. Repeat. This has been my schedule for the past few months since the fall semester began. I went into the full-time schooling and full-time job routine, and it was a lot to take on. I'm not complaining. It taught me a lot, and I have officially made it through! The... Continue Reading →

It’s Only Full-Times 2

At the end of August, the full-time work/school gig hit. How's it been going so far? It's been completely exhausting. Whenever I'm extremely tired my left eyelid twitches. Lately, it's been spazzing out like an ADHD third grader! I know I'm still in the process of getting used to my new schedule, but I would... Continue Reading →

Finding a New Positive Mindset

If you cannot be positive, at least be quiet. ~ Joel Osteen Although I consider myself to be a positive person, I've been bombarded with negative thoughts and negatives talks lately. I don't become easily angered. I do become easily annoyed, and it's easy for me to express that annoyance to everyone around me. If... Continue Reading →

What’s New?

Life is slowly going in the direction I am pointing it towards, and I couldn't be more excited! Things are piecing together slowly but surely. Each day I get closer to reaching most of my goals. Although school and moving into my own place still have about a while before they occur, I started my... Continue Reading →

Maid of Honor To Be

My younger sister got engaged this past weekend, and a big congrats to her! We always knew she would be first, there was no doubt about it. Everything in my life is taking big crazy turns! I'm starting a new job in July, moving, going to school in the fall, and now this wedding! Planning... Continue Reading →

Relationship Label…

After living the life I've lived, it's become increasingly difficult to openly place labels on myself. Labels like: I'm agnostic, a liberal, or I'm someones girlfriend. Labels that define who I am in society. If you had asked me three years ago what those labels were I would have told you that I was someones... Continue Reading →

Excited for Change

In the last two weeks, I've placed who knows how many job applications, nervously sat around waiting for interview opportunities, and wondered if the next big step in my life was willing to present itself to me. Well, today, it did. I received a job offer this morning, and I couldn't help but let some... Continue Reading →

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