Termina – End

Fierce ran up to me with a frantic tone to his voice, “Why is time frozen? What is going on? We have to stop Majora! What are you doing?” “I can’t save her,” I said. I was sitting on the ground, staring at the fighting individuals stopped in space. My hands were over my knees.... Continue Reading →

Termina Part 2 – Falling Apart

Weeks went by with no new occurrences. The four of us, Fierce, Termina, Oslac, and myself were taking turns watching the mask while we tried to decide what to do. Fierce, Termina, and I were at the Milk Bar speaking in whispers at the table in the corner. “Even if we lock Majora away, he’ll... Continue Reading →

Termina: Part 1 – From the Sky

You start to think about the same things repeatedly when you know you’re going to be around for longer than you can count. Obsessing over the same thought helps you to not run out of thoughts as quickly. In this particular moment, I’m thinking about how the waves are rolling across the beach on the... Continue Reading →

Introduction – The Realm of the Gods

​ There’s a story, a theory some prefer to call it, that is quietly shared among Hylians every once in a while. This story is about the Triforce. Three golden triangles of infinite power blessed and given to us by the three golden goddesses themselves. But I’m sure you’ve already heard that part of the... Continue Reading →

Author’s Note

The Legend of Zelda was something I grew up with. I loved the games, theories, and stories that came with the series. It is a work of art. There's never been a series of games I have been more in love with. When I was a little kiddo, I made a handmade book about a... Continue Reading →

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