Relationship Label…

After living the life I've lived, it's become increasingly difficult to openly place labels on myself. Labels like: I'm agnostic, a liberal, or I'm someones girlfriend. Labels that define who I am in society. If you had asked me three years ago what those labels were I would have told you that I was someones... Continue Reading →

Excited for Change

In the last two weeks, I've placed who knows how many job applications, nervously sat around waiting for interview opportunities, and wondered if the next big step in my life was willing to present itself to me. Well, today, it did. I received a job offer this morning, and I couldn't help but let some... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Move On… Out

Life always comes at me in awkward spurts. There are times when everything is dull, boring, and mostly the same situations occur each day. This isn't a bad thing! I am a creature of habit when it comes to daily lifestyles. When things come at me that are adventurous or exciting, I try to take... Continue Reading →

My Summer Health Plan (2017)

Now that spring semester is over, I have more than enough free time to hit the gym! I plan on hitting it hard, and making improvements in my diet and my fitness routine. The plan is to weigh myself at the beginning of the summer, May 7, 2017, and weigh myself again on August 16,... Continue Reading →

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